How many Filipinos are Online ? And What do they do Online?

As of March 2009, there are already a whopping 20 Million Filipinos online -- that's 22% of the Philippines' current 90 Million population. The number is also expected to increase by 10% every year.

Given such an impressive figure, it becomes important - more so, for technopreneurs - to ask: What do Filipinos do Online?

Nielsen, a consumer information group, and Yahoo! conducted a survey and found out that Pinoys online are between 10 and 29 years old, educated and techno-savvy. 53 percent of Philippines' Internet users play online games and 24 percent read news online. "Online transactions or commerce remain low," shared Jay Bautista ~ Nielsen Executive Director, with only 3% or 600,000 doing business online as of the moment.

The survey covered 1,200 samples across the archipelago.

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