Asus EEE PC Segments (Types, Categories, what-have-you)

Ever wondered why Asus eeePC T91 Tablet looks almost nothing like uhm... Asus eeePC 1002HA, for example? They are both under Asus' eeePC line and yet they are so different in so many ways -- looks-wise and specs-wise. Why so?

Well, here's the answer: Unbeknownst to many, Asus actually has different categories to its popular eeePC (or EEE PC) netbook line.

This photo courtesy of Engadget taken from an Asus Audio-Visual Presentation clearly shows the different categories by which all Asus eeePC's out in the market today fall. It likewise shows the segments, features and target market of each line.

Let's break it down:

eeePC models:
700, 701, 701SD (30G, HDD), 701SD, 701SD-4G, 900, 901, 900A-16G, 900A-8G, 900-16G, 900-30G, 904HD, 904HA, 900HD, 1000, 1000HD, 1000H
All fall under the Smart Casual Category. They feature designs that are young, vivid and eye-catching and they are targeted towards Kids, Students and Casual Travellers.

On the other hand, eeePC models:
1000HV, 1002SA, 1002HA, T101
Fall under the PRO Fashion Category. Their designs are precise and mature with a fancy touch. They target professionals such as Insurance Sales agents, Editors and Journalists on the go.

Finally, eeePC models:
S101 and S91
Are under the Ultimate category. They are slim and light with exquisite form. They are the elite and the glam people.

Interestingly, T91 as well as 1004DN are not included the chart. Maybe it's because the chart was made before the release of these two netbooks. But if I were to be asked, I think both T91 and 1004DN will fall under the PRO Fashion Category -- what do you think?

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