Fake Sony Vaio W Spotted in China?!

While most of us marveled at the design of the new Sony Vaio W when it was first announced, Sony's work on the netbook was apparently old news in China. In fact, a Chinese laptop manufacturer managed to sort of 'clone' the Vaio W design and even released the fake version months ahead of the genuine article. Want proof? Check out the photos:

fake, sony vaio w
fake, sony vaio w
You know its a fake Sony Vaio W when it doesn't have chicklet keys and textured touchpad.
Tsk, tsk.

And we have the specs!

10.2-inch LED display,
1.6GHz Atom processor,
integrated graphics,
a 160GB HDD,

Yes, it may be a knock-off but I have to hand it to whoever put this together: The build looks rather solid.

[via ClonedinChina]

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