Earn Money from Twitter: Monetize your Twitter Account

As of June 2009, there are already around 20 Million people on Twitter. 20 Million - that's approximately the entire population of Australia! And when you have that many people on a website, it's but natural for several business models to pop out and make the most out of the situation. Some of these businesses can even help you make money for yourself -- provided you have 'enough' Twitter following -- with NO CASH OUT. Here are a few worth checking out:

1. Be a Magpie -

Be a Magpie allows its Twitter-user members to embed ads and messages on their Twitter timeline and earn money. Earnings are on a "per view", "per click" or "per lead" basis depending on the advertiser.

2. RevTWT, formerly TWTad

RevTWT is largely similar to Be a Magpie except that it also works as an affiliate network (you earn everytime someone buys a product via your ReTWT Twitter update link) and that it's strictly CPC (per click).

3. TipJoy

You've been Tweeting your heart out! Why not accept donations or tip from your followers? TipJoy runs a system that allows you do that easily.

4. Twittad

Twittad is a Social Media Affinity Network that connects Advertisers and Twitter users. By using Twittad, Twitter users can monetize their profiles & Advertisers can reach ALL of Twitter; the Website, 3rd Party Applications and Mobile Devices!

There you go! We'll add more soon so keep tuning in for that. :)

[photos above via Be a Magpie, RevTWT, TipJoy and Twittad, respectively]

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