Gmail Adds Drag-and-Drop to Labels Feature

Gmail adds another cool organization feature to its service: Drag-and Drop E-mails to Labels (and vice versa)

Here's the notification that greeted me when I opened my Gmail account this morning:

Pretty cool and straightforward, isn't it?

"Gmail, why add this feature?"

I know -- It works just like dragging items into a folder; but really, its not as simple as that. Labeling allows users to put emails in multiple categories instead of just one. For example, rather than having to decide whether an email should fall under "Work" or "Fun", why not place it in both labels? - something you can't do with folders.

Here's how it works:

When you open your Gmail account, you will find your labels moved from the lower left-hand corner of the navigation screen to the upper left-hand corner, right underneath the main navigation labels (Inbox, Sent, etc). This actually makes the drag-and-drop process easier.

To drag an email, all you have to do is to hover your arrow cursor on the right most part of the entry - right over the "perforated" mark. The arrow will automatically change into a hand symbol on the right spot. Once it does that, hold down the mouse button, drag the item and place it on the chosen label. The item being dragged will be highlighted to lessen confusion:

Or you may want to do the opposite - drag and drop the labels into emails. Note that this will produce a similar result.

There you go!

Another great feature, really. Thank you Gmail!

[photo credit: Google]

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