Connect iPod to Car Stereo - Use iPod Car Adapter !

Jenna Castro from Boston City (originally from Cebu City) DM'd TechPinas this question via Twitter just a while ago:

"TechPinas, I know asking you this might make me sound like I don't know anything about tech. Well, I want you to know that I really don't -- so please help me! How do I connect my iPod to my car stereo and use it as audio source? Thanks!"

Hi Jenna! We are always glad to help! Thanks for sending us your inquiry.

Now to answer your question: What you need is an iPod Car Adapter. It looks like this:

This device will allow you to connect your iPod to your car stereo as an audio source. Just make sure that your stereo has a cd changer port where the device could be plugged. Then buy an iPod Cradle for your car and you're good to go.

Good iPod Car Adapters have a unique interface that allows you to control an iPod directly from the factory radio or the iPod controls/clickwheel. Choose one that offers that feature.

You may learn more and check out different Ipod Adapters for different car models via the link.

[photo via AutoSoundCentral]

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