Microsoft Office 2010 Promo Video

"Another day at the office..."

Haha. And I've always thought Microsoft is on the square side!

As a way to further prep the world for the release of the much anticipated Office 2010 (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote etc. bundle), Microsoft released the latest installment of its promo video named simply as "Office 2010: The Movie" How subtle, right? Here it is:

What's up with the Clippy nostalagia?! Am I only one NOT missing Clippy?
The best part, for me, is the interrogation scene where the girl in question answered, "It's between Arial and Wingdings!" What a trip!

Microsoft will ship a Technical Preview of Office 2010 later this month. And you may register for the limited, invitation-only program HERE.

Keep tuning in for preview Screenshots and Features of Office 2010 released by Microsoft earlier today.

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