Sony Vaio W Photos and Specs

Anyone who is familiar enough with Sony's long history of gadget releases knows that Sony products are: 1. Always Beautiful and 2. Almost always Expensive

Engadget Japan has just released an aesthetics video of Sony's first ever Netbook venture, the Sony Vaio W - and let me tell you, Assumption # 1 definitely holds true. Here are some glam-grabs from the video:

sony vaio w
Sony Vaio W is clad in textured plastic.

sony vaio w
Sony Vaio W comes in black, pink and white -- with matching case and mouse. Isn't that cute?

sony vaio w
Quite thin.

sony vaio w
Comes with the usual ports - for external monitor, audio/mic jack, wifi switch, etc.

sony vaio w
Sony Vaio W features a sexy chicklet style keyboard with isolated keys - again like the new Macbooks

sony vaio w touchpad
And check out the detailing on the touchpad and handrest! Sweet!

Yes, I know that HP's new netbooks look HOT, to say the least. But I think, based on these photos alone, Sony Vaio W clearly blows all of them other netbooks out of the water, looks-wise.

Now, regarding Assumption # 2 (Sony products are almost always expensive.) -- that remains to be seen as Sony hasn't announced the pricing for this baby yet.

UPDATE! UPDATE! Sony has just announced the going price of Sony Vaio W! Get this: $499 (or around P24,000+/- before taxes and with current conversion) !! Just right for a netbook! Great! Shipping starts in August.

LATEST UPDATE!! Sony Vaio has just been launched in the Philippines! The suggested retail price is Php39,990, which is quite far from the earlier projected SRP. The Sony Vaio W will be available for purchase in the country by early August.


[Screen grabs are from a video courtesy of Engadget Japan]

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