Meralco Eyes Internet Broadband via Power Lines

I still can't believe Engadget and Physorg beat me to it! Darn, this is big Tech news happening within TechPinas' supposed territory and they were all over it first! (But yeah.. yeah.. those sites are bigger with greater reach... there's always next time) Anyway, on to the news...

Quoting an older post:

As of March 2009, there are already a whopping 20 Million Filipinos online -- that's 22% of the Philippines' current 90 Million population.

20 Million SEEMS like a lot - but when you think about our total population, that is clearly not much. Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) - the biggest power distributor in the Philippines - probably saw this situation and has decided to bring broadband internet access to more of the country via its almost 'ubiquitous' power lines. MERALCO will partner with a European company for the needed equipment and expertise.

Now, guess the Philippine city where Meralco will be implementing this technology first.
HIGHLIGHT this line for the answer --> Malabon City!!.

"This is the area that is really very challenging for us, in terms of pilferage, population and the old system. If the test turns out successful there, we are confident that we can do it anywhere in the system," shared Martin L. Lopez, Meralco's Chief Information Officer.'

I certainly hope that this project could be realized soon as it will definitely help improve our education system and help build a better e-commerce industry in the country, among so many other benefits. Just imagine if everyone who has access to Meralco's services will also have access to the internet. Imagine the possibilities.

On the business-side -- Following Economies of Scale, once provision for internet access becomes widespread, then the cost of access should go down. Will this happen in Meralco's Internet venture case? I hope so.

[qoutes via BusinessWorld]

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