How to Rank High on Microsoft Bing Search Results ?

... A lot of people have been asking TP this question lately and for good reason, Bing's traffic is already picking up. In fact, according to, Bing's traffic last month was already at 49,571,922 compared to a mere 635,835 in May, the month Bing Search Engine was launched by Microsoft.

Bing June 2009 Traffic via

49 Million might not seem like a lot compared to Google's more than 145 Million traffic in June 2009 but 49 Million is a considerable amount of traffic - on its own. Plus, now that Microsoft has signed a 10-year search deal with Yahoo, we can only expect Bing's traffic to increase steadily in the coming months and even years - provided its name won't be changed to something else after the 'merger'.

Anyway, going back to the question - off hand, IMO, here are a four things you can do to rank higher in Bing search results:

1. Create Quality Content

This is basic. Create well-written, well-researched, informative, quality content. As they say, do your best as the writer/publisher and let the search engines do the rest.

2. Be the first to write about a topic. - Why not?!

Since you are already stepping up your game in writing - why not go a level higher by actually writing about stuff that no one on the net has written about before. Write it and write it well. It doesn't have to be a totally fresh topic altogether, maybe a derivative of something else. Worth the try, don't you think?

3. Link your posts together

Just to have have some sort of organic unity in your site and just to make it easier for search engines to crawl through your content, why not link your posts together?

4. Get quality Backlinks from Websites with High Pagerank!

It's actually one of the things you can go to increase your Google PR but a lot of publishers who have their sites high on Bing results also swear by it.

Quoting THIS Bing related thread:

Make sure [B]ing knows where your back links are. Do a search on bing for the url where some of your back links are then if bing has no listing it may offer you to imput the url. Imput all of your urls for your back links. You do know where they are right??

I rank very high in bing even #1 for certain terms because I have a business directory that bing knows about and then have links on every page with my key phrase for the other sites using these terms.

There you go. I hope you find this helpful.

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