BlackBerry Fan Uses HTC Android Phone in BlackBerry Torch 9860 Promo Video : Someone Will Be Fired!

Oh no!

The advertising agency behind the new BlackBerry Torch 9860 promotional video for North America must be in serious **** right now. I know, it must be an honest mistake but you don't make this kind of mistake in a promo ad for a smartphone; Showing the very handset by the competing company that's partly responsible for the dwindling sales of your client!

That's no BlackBerry! That's Android (check out the status bar and the home button) with HTC's patented virtual QWERTY keyboard.

Watch the whole video here (make sure you spot the HTC phone at 00:15 and 00:27) --

Oh well. I guess that's how it is. Even 'BlackBerry Fans' who are part of the 'cast' are actually using HTC.

Video courtesy of Engadget.

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