Symbian^3 vs. Symbian Anna - User Interface and Features

Since Symbian Anna was finally released yesterday as a software update for all Symbian^3 phones - namely, Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01, I deemed it timely and fitting to shoot a comparison video of the two operating systems for users of the said phones who are still thinking about whether or not they should upgrade to Anna.

symbian^3 vs symbian anna^

Basically, the clip shows the most noticeable differences between Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna. Without further ado, here you go (complete with annotations):

So again, the main differences are the following:

1. Symbian Anna's homescreen features smooth scrolling. None of that in Symbian^3.
2. You get portrait virtual QWERTY keyboard with Symbian Anna. In portrait orientation, you get an alpha-numeric keypad on Symbian^3.
3. Symbian Anna comes with an improved browser (although, really, I still prefer Opera Mini).
4. Symbian Anna makes it easier for you to sort and view photos according to albums and tags.
5. You get cute squarecle app icons on Symbian Anna. None of those in Symbian^3.

I've yet to test if smooth scrolling and the other UI enhancements has an effect on the phone's uptime. Off hand though, I haven't observed any noticeable change in the battery performance of my upgraded Nokia C6-01. Will do several tests and once I prove that uptime remains the same, I'll upgrade my Nokia N8 as well.

There you go, TP Friends! I hope you find this helpful.

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