Nokia N8 Close Up or Macro Mode for Video Recorder Coming via Symbian Belle Update!

I always say that Nokia N8 is the Best Cameraphone in the World and up to this very moment, I still stand by that statement.

Whether you use it for taking stills or videos, you can expect Nokia N8 to deliver wonderfully. But Nokia is not resting on its laurels. In fact, the company has decided to give Nokia N8 users - particularly those who love shooting videos with it - an added bonus, which is set to arrive soon.

Symbian Belle, an upcoming Symbian^3 firmware update - following Symbian Anna, will bring with it a feature that will surely make Nokia N8 users fall in love with the phone even more: Macro Mode for Video Recording! So after getting Belle, Nokia N8 should be able to shoot close-up videos flawlessly -- no mod required!

nokia n8 macro video

Of course, Symbian Belle, which is rumored to arrive by Q4 this year or early next year, will also bring a slew of other improvements, including a drop-down notifications bar, more home screen widgets and an even more touch-friendly user interface. You can watch a leaked version of Symbian Belle in action via this link.

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