LG Optimus 2X Full HD 1080p Video Sample

One of the main selling points of LG Optimus 2X is its Full HD or 1080p Video Recorder.

lg optimus 2x

Not sure if LG bothered to apply for a Guinness World Record certification for this specific feature, but I believe that aside from being the certified First Dual-Core Powered mobile phone in the world, LG Optimus 2X may likely be the first smartphone in history to don a Full HD video recorder. Again, this says a lot about the level of innovation that LG Optimus 2X presents.

What makes LG Optimus 2X's Full HD Video Recording capability important?

In this day and age of Full HD TVs, having a phone that can capture Full HD video means that you can capture life moments anytime you have your phone with you (which is practically all the time) and share them on a big screen with your friends and loved ones in a more visually appealing way. LG Optimus 2X comes with an HDMI port making playback on a big screen easier and more convenient. Another cool thing is that LG Optimus 2X also supports full HD video playback so if you're outdoors, you and your friends can still gather together around the phone and watch your Full HD clips in stunning detail.

Sample 1080p Video

I've taken the liberty of shooting a casual Full HD video using LG Optimus 2X's 1080p video recorder just to show you the picture quality. Here you go:

The resolution of this video is 1920 x 1088 at 30 frames per second (so make sure you watch it in full HD). Pardon the lack of artistry in the way the video was shot. :)


You can easily tweak the settings of LG Optimus 2X's Full HD Video Camera with a few touches on the screen.

For Resolution:

lg optimus 2x

White Balance:

lg optimus 2x

Color Effect:

lg optimus 2x

lg optimus 2x

Video Quality:

lg optimus 2x

So what can I say about the video quality from LG Optimus 2X's camera?

It's definitely one of the best I've seen from a cameraphone. The 30 progressive frames per second make movements in the clip look very fluid. Details, on the other hand, are captured with a sheer clarity and colors don't appear washed out. I think you can shoot a whole movie using LG Optimus 2X. It's that good.

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