Gaming on LG Optimus 2X : Double The Fun!

Like many of you, my favorite game to play on my Android smartphone is Angry Birds.

And, mind you -- I'm such a big fan, I have it in various versions. I have Angry Birds Seasons:

lg optimus 2x

Angry Birds Rio:

lg optimus 2x

and the classic first version that made it the hit that is today:

lg optimus 2x

I love Angry Birds because of the really cool and colorful graphics, the unique and engaging sounds and all the 'strategizing' needed to progress through the game. Also, the birds and the pigs look undeniably cute -- I kinda feel bad for the cuddly pigs though but after what they did to the birds and their nests, I guess that's how it is.

It's a really nice and addictive game and now that I have LG Optimus 2X to play it with, Angry Birds has become doubly fun!

You see, not only does LG Optimus 2X look really hot on the outside - with all of those metal accents and stellar ergonomics, it also has a dual core processor inside that brings game play to a whole new level and makes multi-tasking a breeze. With the LG Optimus 2X, rest assured that there will be no bumps while you're playing your favorite games and doing other stuff on your phone at the same time, like checking mails, browsing the net or updating Facebook and Twitter. LG Optimus 2X being the world's first dual core smartphone - according to the Guinness Book of World Records - will really help you do a lot more and make you enjoy your mobile games like you've never experienced before.

But it doesn't end there. Unlike other smartphones in its category, LG Optimus 2X has an HDMI port that allows it to connect seamlessly with LED or HDTVs and even laptops with a similar port. This means that you can use these powerhouse entertainment gizmos as screen when playing Angry Birds or any game for that matter on your LG Optimus 2X. Just connect the phone to your TV using the HDMI cable that comes with the package, and you have gaming on a large screen for you and your friends to enjoy!

Gaming on LG Optimus 2X? I invite you to experience it to see how amazing it is.

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