LG Optimus 2X Unboxing - Accessories and Peripherals Check, 2 Videos!

At the risk of YOU thinking that I did it only because of the name of the phone, let me say that I actually recorded not-one-but-two traditional one-handed unboxing videos of my LG Optimus 2X.

lg optimus 2x

And nope, it wasn't planned at all. The first clip got corrupted while it was being edited so I decided to pack the phone and all its accessories back into the box and reshoot.

I ended up uploading both videos on Youtube because, uhm, I just want you to spot the difference. Why not. :)

First One-Handed TechPinas Unboxing (OHTU) Video of LG Optimus 2X

Second OHTU Video

So what comes in the box?

1. The LG Optimus 2X Unit itself
2. Battery
3. USB Connector
4. Free HDMI Cable
5. Headset
6. Warranty Card
7. Product Manuals

If you've been following TP since last year, then you should know that I name all of my gadgets (I guess it's just my way of making sure that I don't take any of my gadgets for granted -- because, really, all of them are a blessing that I should treasure). I decided to call my LG Optimus 2X 'Prime', for the rather obvious reason.

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