On Globe Tatt Awards, Of Gratitude

TP Friends, tomorrow night will be the awarding ceremony of Globe Tatt Awards.

And I feel extremely humbled and grateful that my family and I will be attending the event carrying your support.

globe tatt awards

I look at the Tatt Awards voting site and the final tally of votes for me and I find it hard to contain the happiness in knowing that the people (my TechPinas Friends), whom I write for -- everyday, appreciate my work and have expressed their support by coming forward and placing their votes under my name.

For me, that's the most important thing; Because I write for the people and if they appreciate my blog, then I can rest assured that I have accomplished my goal and vision.

Also, I feel relieved in the knowledge that I don't just have 'fans' on Facebook or 'followers' on Twitter or Blog 'readers', I actually have true friends online who are willing to extend a hand or give a click, when I need it most. TP Friends, again, thank you so much!

I'd like to thank Globe Tattoo for recognizing my work and for choosing me as one of the finalists in my category. It's a big honor that I'm very grateful for. I look at the list of finalists in all categories and I'm humbled to see my name placed alongside theirs; These are people I admire and respect.

In my almost three years of tech-blogging, I've never received any award recognizing my work and passion. In case God wills that I bring home the award, it will truly be a very special moment for me.

But all things considered - that is, in the greater scheme of things, I know that whether or not I bring home the award, I'll always be winner as long as I have your support. :)

Again, thanks to everyone who voted and campaigned for me. May God bless you and your loved ones -- beyond your wildest dreams. Thanks to my family. Thanks to my batchmates and friends from Ateneo de Manila University, Lourdes School QC and Siena College QC. Thanks to all of my friends. Thank you all! Thank You, Lord! :)

Mark Macanas of TechPinas

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