Paris Hilton Did NOT Lose Her Two iPhones in the Philippines

Just to clarify the issue before it gets blown out of proportion, Miss Paris Hilton did NOT lose her two cellphones in the Philippines.

paris hilton

The hotel heiress actually lost her two iPhones even before she landed in Manila.

So there. Please fan this out to let the whole world know.

She Tweets On

The mishap, nonetheless, did not prevent the lovely socialite from posting updates on her blockbuster Twitter account;

Paris Hilton used a BlackBerry to tweet "Mabuhay Philippines" and "Mahal ko kayo" as soon she landed in our country:

paris hilton philippines

And she used an actual computer to tweet that she looks forward to meeting her dearest friends Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao...

paris hilton philippines

and that Manila is beautiful:

paris hilton philippines
There's a typo but we get it. :)

Welcome to the Philippines, Miss Hilton! I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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