Globe POWERSURF 99 is Sulit! Why Not Offer It to Prepaid Subscribers Too?

Imagine: For just 99 Pesos, you get Facebook and Twitter on the go on your smartphone for a whole month. You can even do thousands of Google searches, watch a few videos on Youtube and browse a few mobile websites.

If Globe POWERSURF 99 isn't sulit, I don't know what else to call it. I mean, if you're the type of user who just wants to be able to update your FB and Twitter status messages everywhere you go, then this promo is ideal for you.

globe powersurf
There are three variants of PowerSurf exclusively available to Globe Postpaid subscribers: POWERSURF 99 gives you 50MB* of mobile data for 30 days while POWERSURF 299 and 499 give you 300MB and 1GB of mobile data for the same time period.

Powersurf Mechanics:

* PowerSurf 99 with 50MB Allocation valid for 30 days, to register, Text POWERSURF 99 to 8888

* PowerSurf 299 with 300MB Allocation valid for 30 days, to register, Text POWERSURF 299 to 8888

* PowerSurf 499 with 1GB Allocation valid for 30 days, to register, Text POWERSURF 499 to 8888.

* To check subscription status, key in POWERSURF STAT to 8888.

* To deactivate or unsubscribe from POWERSURF, type POWERSURF STOP to 8888.

* To check for more information, key in POWERSURF INFO to 8888.

* Info on iPhone data counter, just key in DATACOUNTER IPHONE to 8888.

* Info on Android data counter, key in DATACOUNTER ANDROID to 8888.

* Postpaid PowerSurf is a mobile internet service that gives Globe Postpaid subscribers bulk megabytes (MB) of mobile data, consumable per kilobyte (kb) and valid for 30 days. PowerSurf allows subscribers to always be ON, enabling them to enjoy push notifications, instant updates on their phones.

* Please be reminded that Registration to Powersurf will be subject to the Credit Limit Validation .

* Postpaid POWERSURF automatically renews for another 30 days upon service expiry. It will autorenew until you unsubscribe from the service. To unsubscribe, text POWERSURF STOP to 8888.

* Powersurf is available to all Globe Postpaid subscribers with any Globe Postpaid Plan, My Super Plan, My Fully Loaded Plan, My Super Circle Plan can avail of this offer except for subscribers of the following:

a. Load Tipid Plans
b. Load Allowance Plans
c. Globe Broadband Tattoo Plans
d. My SuperSurf Plans

* Registration to the promo may be done via SMs, by visiting Stores or by calling Hot Line.

To call hotline 211(toll-free) from your Globe handyphone (SIM card). Maintaining balance is P7.50. Open from 6AM to 12MN (FOR PREPAID) and 24 HOURS FOR POSTPAID

730-1000 (toll-free) from any landline. Open from 6AM to 12MN (FOR PREPAID) and 24 HOURS FOR POSTPAID


TP Thoughts:

I wonder why Globe won't offer this promo to prepaid subscribers. Is this some kind of incentive for users to subscribe to postpaid?

I actually think this promo can greatly help Globe grow its prepaid subscribers base. A lot of students and yuppies - thanks to their smartphones - are now discovering the wonders of being connected on the go and are looking for affordable ways that they can do it. And let's face it, a hundred bucks for a whole month of even just Twitter and Facebook is a totally attractive offer.

Come on, Globe! Give POWERSURF 99 to prepaid subscribers too! :)

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