Text Scam Classic Modus Operandi, Still Alive! Beware!

TechPinas Public Service Post (TP PSP):

Text scammers also believe in the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

It's been years since I last received a scam text message of this type, so when I got this on my phone a few days back, I couldn't believe my eyes. Apparently, the modus is still alive and kicking:

text scam
"Load mo cell ko 300 [number] naki text lang ako lea". The nerve; Even giving a specific load amount.

And the fact that scammers are still using it means that it still works and still delivers their desired result, which is to steal load (bought with hard-earned money) from their poor victims. So TP friends, beware! Don't fall for this nasty trick!

How did I know it's a scam?

I know two Leas and I have their numbers in my phonebook. Called them both and asked them if they texted me using another number, asking for load. Turned out, they didn't. I asked my folks if they know other Leas aside the two I know. They don't.

The modus operandi goes like this:

1. The scammer uses an all too common name, like 'lea' - in this case, sends a scam text message disguised as 'call for help' to the unsuspecting target. Scammer hopes that the target actually knows someone who goes by that name.

2. There are two numbers involved in this modus; The one that the scammer uses to text the target and another number that's awaiting to receive load.

3. The scammer's text message states that he/she has run out of load and appeals to the target's Superman Complex by asking for some to be tranferred to his phone.

What should you do when you receive such text message?

Well, my personal advice would be to just always be skeptical and to not be too trusting. And never do something that will encourage the scammer to get more information from you.

I'm not a certified expert on this topic so it's still best to get in touch with National Telecommunications Commission for more information on how you can avoid falling as prey to these fraudsters. You may give NTC a ring at 9243736 or send them an email at ospac[at]ntc[dot]gov[dot]ph.

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