Kindly Grab a Copy of MoneySense Magazine

Hi TP Friends!

I hope you can grab a copy of MoneySense Magazine's latest issue -- the one with Chris Tiu on the cover:

The current issue's theme is Personal Finance for Gen Y. Gen Y'ers are professionals who are born during the 80's; I'm part of that Generation and I know that most of you are too. Basically, the issue gives tips on how we can plan financially for our future; it offers pieces of advice to yuppies on saving, earning and investing money. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

I keep a tech advice column in this mag and I hope you can check it out; This issue features Part 2 of my article on Gadgets-for-Less that can help you with your start-up business.


The next issue is coming very soon, please grab a copy of that one too when it hits shelves. :)

Maraming salamat, TP Friends! :) MoneySense is available at all National Bookstore outlets nationwide for only Php 150.

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