Too Much Twitter and Facebook Turns Users Into Self-Obssessed 'Mini Celebrities'?!

"What concerns me is the banality of so much that goes out on Twitter. Why should someone be interested in what someone else has had for breakfast? It reminds me of a small child (saying): 'Look at me Mummy, I'm doing this', 'Look at me Mummy I'm doing that!'"

This is one of the lines uttered by Baroness Greenfield, Professor of Pharmacology and Former Director of Research at Oxford University, when asked by the media about the ill-effects of over-using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

While using social media has a lot benefits -- like making people more connected and allowing citizen journalism to flourish, one must also be aware of its many down sides. Earlier this month, we shared that too much Facebook causes narcissistic personality disorder, paranoia and even anxiety. And as it turns out, that's just the tip of the iceberg.


Baroness Greenfield shares that too much use of social networking sites like Twitter can cause "reduced concentration, a need for instant gratification and poor non-verbal skills, such as the ability to make eye contact during conversations."

She even added that some Facebook users have developed the need to be treated like 'mini celebrities' and even strive to maintain such image; Hence, creating a generation that's 'obsessed with themselves, having short attention spans and a child-like desire for constant feedback on their lives.'

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