LG Optimus Black Features World's Brightest NOVA Display

Reduced power consumption and bright display rarely - if at all - go together in smartphones. Yet, this combination is exactly what the ultra-thin LG Optimus Black offers.

Usually, a bright display on a smartphone is the biggest culprit to short uptime. This is the reason why lowering screen brightness is always the first in the list of things tech experts would tell you to do on your handset should you want to increase its battery life.

LG, being the world's leader in display technology, wants to change this notion.

The Korean company's NOVA display is designed to be the world's brightest, clearest and most readable mobile screen with 700 nits of brightness for optimal visibility. 700 nits, in itself, is an astonishing level of brightness for a mobile display (iPhone 4 screen's brightness, for example, clocks in at 500 nits) but LG didn't stop there. NOVA display radically reduces power consumption by up to 50 percent during general indoor use compared to conventional LCD. In fact, AMOLED - currently found in a lot of high-end phones - consumes twice as much power as NOVA in displaying a full white screen!

You should see the Optimus Black's NOVA Display under direct sunlight. I tell you, the colors are just as vivid on the screen as they are seen indoors! This amazing feature is something that can only be found in the Optimus Black's NOVA display.

lg optimus black

Everytime I stare at LG Optimus Black's ultra-bright screen, I feel a sense of astonishment. This is technology that makes you go 'Wow!'

This amazing NOVA display technology is exactly what you'll get in LG Optimus Black P970; Astounding brightness with industry-leading energy efficiency.

LG Optimus Black is now available in the Philippines with an SRP of only Php 19,990.

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