Does Arjohn Gilbert Have a Crush on Maria Aragon?!

How old were you when you had your first crush?

I bet most of you would say "Around 10 to 15." Maybe even younger for some. [And I think that's normal. It's just a crush, for crying out loud.]

So I guess there's totally nothing wrong if 13-year-old Pinoy Youtube Sensation Arjohn Gilbert actually has a schoolboy crush on his fellow Youtube star Maria Aragon.

What gave me this idea? Well, watch this video:

Noticing that Maria Aragon was already kinda sweaty from belting out Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' at the Globe Tatt Awards Night, Arjohn Gilbert joined her on stage and ever-gently wiped the sweat off her face with a piece of tissue.

I really wanted to confirm this that same night and ask Arjohn if he likes Maria. But I had to leave early as my family and I were trying to catch another event. Nevertheless, I think the gesture more than speaks for itself:

maria aragon
There's Dong-Yan and Kimerald. What do we call this one? "Mar-john"?!

TP Friend, if you catch Arjohn in Clark, would you please be kind enough to ask him the question for TP and get his answer on video? I think they kinda look cute together.

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