White Macbook 2011 Version? Non-Existent! Apple Wants You to Get Macbook Air or Pro Instead!

I just checked Apple Store Philippines Online and found that White Macbook has already been removed from the notebook line-up:

white macbook 2011

Just a few weeks back or - to be exact - just before Macbook Air 2011 was released, White Macbook was still there, with SRP of roughly Php 50,000. It seems Apple wants its fans just to check out Macbook Air or Macbook Pro instead.

white macbook 2011
We'll miss you, White Macbook!

I remember, back in 2007, I was really eyeing to get a White Macbook -- it was the hottest notebook then. I ended up getting my first ThinkPad though, which works wonderfully up to this very day.

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