BlackBerry PlayBook Unboxing : Accessories and Peripherals Check

Just the BlackBerry PlayBook undergoing traditional One-Handed TechPinas Unboxing (OHTU).

blackberry playbook
16GB, 32GB and 64GB Wifi Only BB PlayBook variants sell for Php 23,990, Php 28,990 and Php 33,990, respectively.

TP TIP: BB PlayBook works best when paired with a BB smartphone. BB PlayBook doesn't support BBM and BB Mail on its own and you'd have to use BB Bridge to get these apps working on the tablet via BIS on a BB smartphone.

What comes in the box?

1. BB PlayBook Unit itself
2. Charger
3. USB Connector
4. User Manuals and other Documentation
5. BB PlayBook Sleeve (not sure if RIM includes this for free in the retail package).

Next, I'll show you how to set-up BlackBerry Bridge.

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