Facebook for iPhone Bug Shows 'via Facebook Mobile' Instead of 'via iPhone' in Status Updates, Angers iDevice Users!

Irate iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users want 'via iPhone' tag back in their Facebook status updates.

Last week, Facebook for iPhone developers released v3.4.4 of the app, which fixed a number of bugs that caused it to crash, restored friend lists to the News Feed filter and fixed the Send and Enter buttons for Comments, Chat and Messages among other stuff. But it also brought with it a bug that totally angered thousands of iDevice users across the planet: It replaced 'via iPhone' tag in Facebook status updates with the generic 'via Facebook Mobile.'

Joining other dismayed iDevice owners, one guy repeatedly posted this plea on Facebook for iPhone's FB About Page:

facebook for iphone bug
"we are NOT nokia, samsung, LG and others BUT we are IPHONE
so bring (VIA IPHONE Smartphone) back!!" He even added that the developers should add the Apple logo in his status updates.

I'm an iDevice user myself and while I don't mind not getting that 'via iPhone' tag in my posts, I nonetheless maintain that this is a bug that needs to be fixed. (One TP Friend just told me that Push Notifications feature is also acting up with this version.) Come on, Facebook! :)

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