Windows XP Still the Top Operating System in the Philippines as of July 2011, Windows 7 Users Increase Steadily

Based on data gathered by Statcounter from internet users across the Philippines as of July 2011, Windows XP is still the leading desktop and notebook operating system in the country.

windows xp

According to the statistics, an average of 61.77% of desktop and laptop users in the Philippines who accessed the internet from July 2010 to July 2011 have Windows XP as their operating system. 25.48%, on the other hand, used Windows 7 and 9.34% used Windows Vista. The remaining 3.41% is being shared by Mac OS X users and those who used other OSes, including Linux.

Note, however, that while Windows XP, which was released way back in 2001, continues to be the leading OS across the archipelago, its share of users is also steadily decreasing -- from 62.57% in January 2011 to 55.83% as of July 2011. This line graph gives a hint to which Operating System some Windows XP users are transferring or - more correctly - upgrading to:

windows xp
From having 24.56% share of users in January 2011, Windows 7 - released in 2009 - got 33.54% share as of July 2011; That's almost a 10% increase!

Meanwhile, despite all the media hype that Apple computers seem to be getting these days, Mac OS X - Apple's desktop and notebook operating system - still fails to grab a sizable share of users in the Philippines. From having 2.21% share in January 2011, Mac OS X was only able to get 2.22% or 0.01% increase as of July 2011.

TP Thoughts:

I'm looking at the line graph and I feel a sense of pride that a lot of Filipinos are starting to move forward, accept change and embrace the advances in technology that Windows 7 offers.

I just hope that Apple would open their eyes to the opportunities that they are missing out on by not being more active in the Philippines. We have a booming gadget industry here and it would make a lot of sense for them to open an office here and be more aggressive in advertising. Heck, the Philippines is practically the Social Networking capital in the whole of Asia Pacific; I believe that says a lot about how much Filipinos are into tech.

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