Paris Hilton Philippines Visit : The Flattering Tweets and Blurry Photos, Social Media Lets Us Get Information from Celebs First Hand!

As it turned out, the fact that she lost not-one-but-two iPhones BEFORE she landed in Manila didn't prevent the lovely hotel heiress Miss Paris Hilton from enjoying her stay in our country.

Thanks to Twitter, we're able to know - first hand - how Miss Hilton truly feels about Manila, The Filipino People and Filipino Food and how much she treasures her popular Pinoy friends. (That's actually one of the cool things about social media; It allows us to get 'celebrity juice, not from concentrate'!)

Here are some of the tweets that chronicle her stay in the Philippines:

paris hilton philippines
She tweeted this upon her arrival in Manila. "Mahal ko kayo" means "I love all of you."

paris hilton philippines
Miss Hilton is actually in the Philippines for a campaign material shoot for a project she's doing with Century Properties. There's a typo in this tweet but we get the point. I'm glad she thinks Manila is beautiful.

paris hilton philippines
Oh, she knows a bit of Cebuano too. Isn't that nice?

paris hilton philippines
Paris Hilton thinks Filipino Food is delish. To those who haven't tasted Pinoy Food, I promise you, Filipino Food is HOT!

paris hilton philippines
Jinkee and Manny Pacquiao hosted a dinner party last night for their dear friend, Paris Hilton. Here are some photos from the event --

paris hilton philippines
I know. Super blurry. But let's just be thankful we have these exclusive photos from MJ Marfori.

paris hilton philippines
Of course, wherever PacMan is, Governor Chavit Singson has to be there too.

paris hilton philippines
Those two shots are awfully blurry but clearly not as blurry as this one. Good thing almost everyone in this photo has a 'signature look' so we can still recognize them.

To Miss Paris Hilton from the TP Team, in case she gets to read this post: "We're so glad you were able to find time to visit our country. We truly hope that you had fun in your stay here and we hope you can check out other parts of our country on your next visit; We have a lot of beautiful islands here. And Miss Hilton, don't worry too much about those two iPhones, I bet the next version of the iPhone will be announced in just a month or so; So those two are already borderline 'old'. Take care!"

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