Amanda Coling Speaks, Becomes Yahoo Philippines Search and Twitter Trending Topic

"Kunyari [merong gusto yung Azkals na] sobrang pangit na babae, eh kung gusto nila yun, anong magagawa niyo?," former UP Diliman Applied Physics* student and DOST Scholar* Amanda Coling told Pia Guanio in a TV interview last Sunday.

amanda coling

"Who the **** is Amanda Coling?," you ask?

Well, Amanda Coling is the woman who was allegedly gang-raped by four Azkals members. Information about the supposed incident was fed to the media by a certain Paul Weiler, a german national who claims to be a former consultant of the Philippine Football Federation.

Quoting a section of Weiler's email to various media agencies in the Philippines,

Players Anton del Rosario, Jason Sabio and especially Simon Greatwich were involved and recorded the incident also via video cam (Jason Sabio was the one holding camera). Neil Etheridge and his very best friend Simon Greatwich did rape the woman and it seems happened in a villa/house of general manager Dan Palami (who seems not know about what happened in his house and was not there). ‘Master mind’ of this sex violence idea seems Anton del Rosario .. so far I know he did not rape the woman but pushed the others to do it.

So did the four Azkals actually rape Amanda?

"I've heard a lot of rumors and speculations, that this person (Weiler) is trying to get back at the team because we had a fallout while we were in Germany. [...] I don't know the full story, they’re all just rumors," Jason Sabio of the accused Azkals told ABS-CBN News.

Amanda Coling had a rather lengthy Showbiz Central interview with Pia Guanio last weekend but she chose not to say anything about the case. Nonetheless, she shared that news about her being raped is already affecting her 'bread and butter' -- she was recently pulled out of a modelling gig after the organizers learned about the issue.

Amanda Coling is now famous online.

As yet, we don't know for sure what exactly happened between Amanda and the four Azkals. What we're sure about though is that Amanda Coling is now famous online.

Yesterday, she became a bonafide Twitter Trending Topic --

amanda coling

And currently, she's Yahoo Search Philippines' top trending keyword --

amanda coling

Here's what some Tweeps have to say about Amanda --

*That's what she told Pia Guanio during the start of their interview.

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