How to Disable Lock Screen Talking Clock on Samsung Galaxy S2

"It is 8:20 PM."

samsung galaxy s2

Samsung Galaxy Lock Screen Talking Clock: I love it when I've just woken up in bed in the morning; Not so much when I'm in a round-table meeting in the afternoon or when I'm on a date at the cinema.

If you're already at wit's end trying to figure how you can disable this feature on your Samsung Galaxy S2, here's what you do:

1. Make sure you're on Wifi or 3G connection.
2. Open Android Market
3. Search for "No Lock"
4. Download and install No Lock application created by BoD (it's usually the first result)
5. Launch the app.
6. You'll see a green 'Locking enabled' icon, click on it. This disables locking on your phone; You'll see an orange 'Locking disabled' icon confirming the action --

samsung galaxy s2

7. Test if the app works: Short press the screen on/off button (power button) to turn off the display of your phone, short press it again to turn on the display. If you don't see the default lock screen or hear the talking clock, the app works.

There you go. I hope you find this helpful.

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