Samsung Galaxy S2 Yellow Tint on Screen Problem, Not an Isolated Case?

Some Samsung Galaxy S2 users are complaining that their units have this yellowish tint on screen.

Quoting Earl Z on,

Severity of the yellow tint varies widely from unit [to unit], the effects may or may not be amplified by taking a photo but taking one actually proves that the issue is there.

Some may perceive this as the left side is a bit darker than the right side.

Initially this issue was assumed to exist only in special conditions like
1.) Low ambient light / type of lights used
2.) Screen brightness is lower than 30%
3.) Grey Images
4.) Total darkness in the room

As the number of users increased more and more people started to notice this EVEN w/o knowing such issue is a wide spread in gadget sites, the conditions above actually hold true, but not for everyone.

Here's a photo of his Samsung Galaxy S2's rather problematic screen --

samsung galaxy s2 yellow tint
"Check the bottom of the notification tray as a hint," writes Earl.

And apparently, he's not the only SGS2 user in the Philippines experiencing this.

"Actually the yellow tint issue does not require any artificial testing like dropping the brightness as it is visible on all brightness levels even upto 100%, its really noticeable in greys/whites but still there in other colors but not that pronounced.

Nung nag compare ako sa aero and some other stores lahat ng stocks may yellow tint but I saw 1 unit na sobrang faint, I would have considered that screen extremely acceptable," shares one user in TipidPC.

Another follows up, this time talking about a 'red' tint on his phone's screen (which I think is even worse than yellow), " [I bought] 2 units kasi, when i got home and test the other unit for defects, i compared it side by side. same brightness, wallpapers, settings and anything i can think of. don ko lang napansin na mamula mula yung lower half screen ng 2nd phone pag naka open notification bar. if i only got one and had the phone with red tinting. i wouldn't have know it was an issue since i have nothing to compare it with."

In the spirit of fair blogging, TP is open to publishing Samsung Philippines' official statement on this issue -- if ever they will bother to release one. As yet though, they haven't made a comment these user complaints.

Too bad though, I don't think I'll be able to check for myself if this problem is true. My Guiness Book of World Record holder, LG Optimus 2X, is already arriving next week.


  1. People complain too much. It's not even noticeable.

  2. its barely noticeable. What people should after is the sheer power of the phone.

  3. i can't see anything out of ordinary on the picture above nor in my phone...


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