Get Old Facebook Chat Bar Back in 7 Easy Steps!

Missing Facebook's pre-Video-Calling chat interface? The one that collapses back into a bar with one click and shows all of your online friends?

Well, here's a way to get it (or at least, something like it) back:

1. Make sure you're using Google Chrome browser. Note that this fix only works for that browser.
2. Log-in to your Facebook account.
3. Click on this link.
4. Click Continue
5. Click Install
6. Refresh your Facebook page.
7. Chat on!

Here's the final result:

old facebook chat

It's not exactly your old FB chat box but it looks and works a lot like the pre-video-call version. It's collapsable and scrollable, and it shows all of your online friends. But for me, the best part is that it allows me to view profiles easily again:

old facebook chat bar

UPDATE as of July 30, 2011

A new version of the extension is now available. The updated chat box now segregates your online FB friends into their respective groups. If you have the older version installed, you'd need to uninstall it first to get version 2.0.3, which you can download from the same link above.

Wondering how you can uninstall this extension? Here's what you do:

1. Click on the wrench icon located on the upper right corner of Google Chrome browser
2. Go to Tools. Then, Extensions.
3. Look for Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion and click Uninstall.

Happy FB Chatting, TP Friends!

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