Smart Always On 300 20 30 500 750 995 - How to Register?

Smart Always On promo is a volume-based package which allows casual mobile Internet users to pay only for the data they wish to consume for a given period.

For example, if a subscriber would only like to use his or her smartphone for sending emails and checking on social networking sites, he or she could avail of a 25MB Always On plan for only P20 a day. Meanwhile, more active Internet users who are into video streaming and data tethering can avail of a 2GB Always On package for P995 valid for one whole month.

smart always on
I think Smart Always On 300, which gives 250MB of data good for 30 days, is sulit na. So that's only Php 10 per day for a whole month of staying connected to your social networking sites and having email on the go.

Here's a table showing all Smart Always On plans with their corresponding validity periods, registration keywords and access codes:

Volume Price Validity Keyword Access Code
25MB P20 1 day ON<space>20 Send to 2200
50MB P30 1 day ON<space>30
250MB P300 30 days ON<space>300
500MB P500 30 days ON<space>500
1GB P750 30 days ON<space>750
2GB P995 30 days ON<space>995

So, for example, if you want to register to Smart Always On 20, you just need to make sure you have enough load to cover it plus one peso maintaining balance, then text On 20 to 2200. So easy, right?

Always On is available to Smart Buddy, Smart Bro, Smart Gold and Talk N’ Text subscribers. Users may purchase any number of packages simultaneously as they see fit. Validity of subscription starts upon availing of a plan.

To know how you can calculate mobile internet data you can potentially consumer per month if you're just gonna use Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Email and a bit of Youtube, click on the link above.

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