Monitor Class Suspension Due to Typhoons, Natural Disasters and National Events Online

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Did you know that there are actually reliable websites and social networking accounts that you can go to if you want to check if classes are suspended due to typhoons, natural disasters or national and local events?

class suspension

Parents of preparatory and kindergarten students, and elementary and high school students can visit DepEd's Official Twitter account to monitor class suspension. The account admin regularly posts status updates so you can rest assured that you only get the latest info.

College and graduate students, on the other hand, can visit CHED's official website for class suspension announcements due to national or local events. When there's a typhoon, remember that CHED has already issued Memorandum Order No. 34 series of 2010 stating that classes at the collegiate level, including graduate school, are automatically suspended once public storm warning signal number 3 is raised by PAGASA. (You can read PAGASA-DOST's latest weather reports via their official Twitter account. Unfortunately, as of writing, CHED hasn't opened a Twitter account.) Note that during times of inclement weather (even if Storm Signal # 3 hasn't been raised), CHED often leaves it to university heads to suspend classes for the day -- so you might want to also check your university's official Twitter account for announcements.

There you go. I hope you find this helpful, TP Friends! And remember: Technology doesn't really matter, unless it does something that matters to you. :)

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