Is Albie Casino The Father of Andi Eigenmann's Baby? Mark Gil's The Buzz Interview Makes Him Top Twitter Trending Topic

OK. I just finished watching Boy Abunda's supposedly tell-all interview with Mark Gil.

albie casino andi eignmann
Mark Gil is the dad of 21-year-old Andi Eigenmann, who's now 5-months pregnant.

Basically, the interview revolved around his reactions to Andi's early and perhaps unplanned pregnancy as well his comments on the baby's father, who - up to this very moment - remains unnamed.

Really, I - as a tech-blogger - wouldn't have written about this it weren't for the fact that some of the clues he gave that point to the identity of the father of his new apo can be found online or find their origin in social networking sites. TP loves talking about social media, if you haven't noticed.

Mark Gil mentioned 2 things we can investigate on online:

1. The guy hit his daughter in an incident in Greenbelt.
2. The guy slammed Andi online, accusing her of having many boys.

Typing keywords "Andi Eigenmann Greenbelt Hitting" and "Andi Eigenmann Many Boys" in Google Philipines (or Twitter) search box, the top results point to but one guy. You tell me who.

This one though, we can't confirm -- as yet, at least:

albie casino andi eigenmann

But yeah, echoing Boy Abunda, TP is likewise open to publishing the other party's comments on the issue.


Anyway, on a lighter note, Mark Gil is currently the 'natural' (that is, not sponsored) Top Trending Topic on Twitter - thanks to his The Buzz interview;

albie casino andi eigenmann

Hmm. I wonder how many Pinoy Tweeps are fellow Kapamilyas.


  1. you have chosen a side! patay na! haha

  2. uu nga ang showbiz ni TP heheheh wala bang bagong gadget dyan

  3. Kinakareer ang showbiz ah. Humanda ka Starmometer.

  4. Whoever that guy is, he's a douchebag.

  5. and now dude you should accept and start reaping haters. gfy.


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