FB Video Call : 5 Things I Like About Facebook's Video Calling Feature

Have you activated and used Facebook Video Calling on your FB page? If you haven't, feel free to click on the link for a guide on how you can start using it.

Last night, I used FB Video Call to have a webcam chat with TP Friend, GJ of HiHey Mobile.

fb video call
Yes, GJ! I know you read TP. Thank you so much, dude! :)

The experience was great. Off hand, I think it's an FB feature I'll be using regularly.

For those who haven't activated FB Video Call or are still thinking about whether or not to use it, here are the five things I love about Facebook's latest offering:

1. Set-up is easy - You practically just need to install one file on your computer and that's it, you're good to go.

2. It's so easy to make a call - It only takes two clicks to start video chatting with an FB friend.

3. The video screen loads fast - I don't particularly have the fastest internet connection (as yet, at least) but once the other party answers your call, the display loads instantly.

4. The screen is big - It's so big and it's located right smack at the center of the browser; As if it's telling you, "Hey! Don't mind anything else but me!"

5. Video quality is good - Again, considering the mediocre quality of my net connection, overall video quality is good; not choppy at all.

fb video call

How about you, TP Friend? What do you think about FB Video Call?


  1. nice review Mark!

  2. Haven't tried the FB video call yet. But they said G+ Hangouts is better. 

  3. "Last night, I used FB Video Call to have a webcam chat with TP Friend, GJ of HiHey Mobile." - nah, dont mention it :P no biggie :)

  4. mr. admin, i've got a question which i hope u cud spare some time answering. do u think this will work on the 7" galaxy tab? tnx in advance! more power and God bless u


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