iPhone5 Leaks from China! 3 New Photos of the Next iPhone!

Not like what happened to iPhone 4 last year, early iPhone 5 leaks seem to be coming straight from the very place where it is being assembled.

We have 3 new photos of the supposed next generation Apple iPhone, the one that will supersede iPhone 4, all coming from China --

This one was leaked by a company that makes FM Transmitter units for iPhone

This photo, on the other hand, is from a company that makes silicon cases for various handsets made in China.


So what do these photos tell us?

1. The next generation iPhone, which some are already calling iPhone5 or iPhone4s, will have a bigger screen compared to its predecessor and a thinner bezel around the display.

2. iPhone5 will still have a clickable hardware Home button as opposed to earlier rumors that it will have a touch-sensitive home button or a trackpad.

3. The LED flash will be re-positioned farther from the camera lens, which will perhaps result to less overexposure in images.

TP Thoughts

At this point, I believe it's safe to say that Apple's competitors have managed to come up with handsets that not only have better specifications compared to iPhone4 but also have a more pocket-friendly price tag. LG Optimus Black, for example, a mere mid-range release from the Korean company has tech specs which are superior to Apple's flagship phone. Currently, with iPhone4, I think Apple is hardly the handset manufacturer all other companies are looking at.

The next generation iPhone offers Apple another opportunity to show the world that the company doesn't just follow trends but instead continues to set the standard by which we judge a good smartphone. That said, iPhone5 or iPhone4s (whatever it will be called eventually) has to be either better than all other flagship phones out in the market tech-specs-wise or it has to come with innovations never before seen in smartphones.


  1. if that's the real iPhone 5 then it's f*cking ugly. I can't see any innovations on the design. N9 ftw!


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