Vicki Belo's New Vagina Tightening Machine Needs a Name!

The latest addition to Belo Medical Group's arsenal of beauty-and-physique-enhancing-equipment, a vagina tightening machine, needs a name.

And no less than Dra. Vicki Belo herself is asking help from her friends and followers on Twitter to give it the proper branding it deserves.

vicki belo vagina tightening machine

Won't you help her, TP Friends? What would be your peg?

Who knows, if your 'name' gets chosen, you or one of your female friends could get a free vagina tightening session from Dra. Vicki herself. Or not.

UPDATE as of 8:45PM, July 7, 2011 --

OK. Apparently, three winners have already been chosen. Each received Php 5,000 worth of gift certificate from Belo Medical Group, which I believe isn't enough to cover one vagina tightening session using that machine. Or is it?

Anyway, here's one of the winning entries:

belo vagina tightening
Vagina + Magnet = Vagnet. Not bad.

But Dra. Vicki's favorite entry is the one submitted by her son, Quark Henares:

belo vaginal tightening

HappyTite. Hilarious. :D


  1. gee no offense but for a tech site yours is getting more and more irrelevant.

  2. Hahaha Dr. Vicki Belo should organize contest for that then the winner should receive free service as their price.

  3. Has she tried that machine herself and did it work? She should show proof like before and after pics.

  4. they should've tried the machine on a lady who just had sex, to see if it worked.

  5. HappyTite..... parang happy feet lang :) peace!

  6. hehehe vagnet and happytite.. ang cute naman hehehe. how about for men? hehehe

  7. Hahaha. Vagnet! Love it! Smart and funny! =))


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