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Nokia X7

1. Overview:

Nokia X7 is a high-end smartphone aimed at entertainment enthusiasts. This handset is one of the first Nokia smartphones to run the updated Symbian software called Symbian Anna, which features new icons and usability enhancements such as a faster browser, improved text input, and refreshed Ovi Maps.

Nokia X7 is now available in the Philippines with a suggested retail price of Php 21,275.

2. In true TechPinas fashion, let's do the panels --

nokia x7 review

The face of Nokia X7 flaunts its 4-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display. Above that you'll see the earpiece and below, the hardware home button.

nokia x7 review

The right side has the volume rocker and the camera button. At the bottom, you'll see one of the pair of loud speakers covered by grills. (Note that the pair of grills near the top panel don't serve as speaker covers. No speakers there.)

nokia x7 review

On the left side, you'll see the microSD card and SIM card slots both covered by steel doors, and the other of the pair of loud speakers.

nokia x7 review

Top panel has the screen on/off button, 3.5mm audio jack and the microUSB port.

nokia x7 review

Nothing at the rear but the microphone pinhole.

nokia x7 review

Finally, at the back, you'll find the 8 MegaPixel fixed focus camera with dual LED flash and the stainless steel back case.

3. What can you say about Nokia X7's Form Factor and Design?

For me, one of the - if not the - strongest selling point of Nokia X7 is its design identity. With depth of only 11.9 mm, it's one of the thinnest smartphones in the market today (It also doesn't hurt that Nokia gave it tapered edges, which make it look even slimmer). I think the design of Nokia X7 exudes an aura of durability, individuality and sophistication. If I were to describe it in a phrase, it would have to be "ruggedly handsome". Oh, and another thing, if you like Transformers The Movie, I'm sure you'll love Nokia X7's design.

4. Nokia X7 runs Symbian Anna. What can you say about the refreshed OS and its UI?

I think Symbian Anna on Nokia X7 delivers all the things promised on paper. The most noticeable improvements include smooth scrolling on homescreen, enhanced Ovi Maps experience, the virtual keyboard in portrait orientation and the improved browser. The squarecle icons are also present.

5. Nokia X7 is a phone made for entertainment. What can you say about its multimedia features, specifically the music player, speakers, camera and video recorder? How's gaming on the phone?

Music Player and Speakers - Top-notch, simply put. Even at full volume, the loud speakers deliver extremely clear and crisp sound quality, and the basses sound punchy.

Camera - While not as good as Nokia N8's shooter, Nokia X7's camera nonetheless delivers above average outdoor and portrait photos. Having fixed-focus lens, Nokia X7 doesn't particularly excel in macro shots. If you want a cameraphone that's good enough for macro, get Nokia N8.

HD 720p Video Recorder - I'd say it's almost at par with Nokia N8's video recorder. And since Nokia X7's camera comes with dual LED instead of Xenon flash, you can use torchlight while shooting video in not-so-well-lit places.

Gaming - Nokia X7 handles 3D games like Need for Speed 5 and Galaxy on Fire quite well.

6. How's messaging, emailing and social networking on the Nokia X7?

Like all Nokia phones that preceded it, Nokia X7 excels in messaging and emailing. Nothing but praises from me in those departments. As for social networking, you can get various apps from the Ovi Store for that, like Snaptu and Socially. But you can always use Ovi Social, which I think looks very neat and organized.

7. Compared to Symbian^3, Symbian Anna features a much improved browser. How's internet experience on the native browser?

Symbian Anna's native browser looks and feels leaps-and-bounds better than Symbian^3's browser. The browsing area is bigger and zooming in and out feels a lot smoother. However, my preferred browser on Nokia X7 remains to be Opera Mini.

8. Can you get a lot of apps on Nokia X7?

As of June 2011, there are a total 48,000 apps available in the Ovi Store. That's a lot of apps to choose from.

9. How does Nokia X7 compare against Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia E7?

This question warrants a long discussion. But to put it simply, Nokia X7 - for me - has the best music playback capabilities and most unique and eye-catching design of all of Nokia's current flagship handsets. If you want a touchscreen phone that actually exudes personality, get Nokia X7.

10. Verdict

Design-wise, Nokia X7 can sit beside Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and not feel shy. Note that it's not just slim and durable, Nokia X7 flaunts a unique design that makes it stand-out -- enough, I believe, to be a conversation piece.

Nokia X7 delivers wonderfully as an entertainment phone. Music playback is great and the speakers are top-notch. Also, if you love recording outdoor videos, Nokia X7 will be your bestfriend.

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