Nokia X1-01 Review : Eight Things I Like About It, Actual Unit Photos, Demo Video

Been playing with Dual SIM Nokia X1-01 for a little more than a week now.

nokia x1-01

I heard it's now selling like hotcakes in malls. And for good reason, I think. Nokia X1-01 easily the most 'sulit' entry level phone you can get today.

nokia x1-01

Here are eight things I love about Nokia X1-01:

1. It dons an unbelievably low price tag. This Dual SIM, Dual Standby phone (with all of its other cool features) only costs Php 1,990! Believe it or not.

2. It's a smart Dual SIM phone. Nokia X1-01 is by no means a smartphone but I like that does it's dual SIM functionalities in a really smart way. For example, when you're trying to save a new contact, it asks you which SIM you want to save it to. Also, when you're a sending an SMS, you get to choose which SIM to send it from.

3. S30 UI now features squarecle icons. If you like the squarecle icons of Symbian Anna, you'll be glad to know that S30 on Nokia X1-01 also has them. So cute, these squarecles.

4. It's sleek yet solid. Its glossy keypad and back cover offer a cool contrast to the overall tank-like construction of Nokia X1-01. The phone looks sleek and feels solid in the hand.

nokia x1-01

5. It's loud speaker is super loud. At the risk of sounding redundant, let me give reassurance that, as promised by Nokia, Nokia X1-01's loud speaker located at the back of the device is really super loud.

6. It's a true music phone. I love the music play buttons on the side; They are so accessible and very convenient to use.

nokia x1-01

7. I love the flashlight! Should come in handy when you're looking for something inside your bag while in the cinema, or in the trunk of your car while parked somewhere dark.

8. It's from a reliable brand. When it comes to reliability (especially in this category), I don't think Nokia has anything left to prove.

I've taken the liberty of shooting a demo video of Nokia X1-01's features as well as the refreshed user interface of the S30 platform. If you will, check it out --


Nokia X1-01 only sells for Php 1,990. And yet it's well-constructed and it's packed with features most users would appreciate having on an entry-level phone. It also doesn't hurt that it's from a trusted brand.

So just to wrap this up: For me, in its rather crowded price category, Nokia X1-01 is king.


  1. i got mine for 1975php with a free sim :)

  2. All those features were already present on china phones for a long time. I think nokia just copied them! 
    It's not really that cool! :(

  3. where did you buy your phone? Thanks in advance for the info.

  4. Well, china phones just copied the form of Nokia phones back then. Who's the worse copycat?

  5. it is a great phone, i bought mine when it arrived at stores in megamall. sulit sya at maganda ang sound quality when accepting voice calls, unlike other phones. kahit na sabihin ng iba na kinopya lang ng nokia sa china phone, at least they made it better. china phone nangkopya pero hindi maganda quality, lalo na battery. i would rather buy a brandless phone than buy a china phone.

  6. Hey, does it have a "send later" feature like the nokia 1280? I really just want to know. Nokia 1280 was by far the best back up phone I ever had. SIMPLE but really useful. The only thing it didn't have that I wanted was the dual sim thing. If this has a speaking clock and a send later feature (w/c are surprisingly useful to me), I'm gonna get on of this. thanks for the help!

  7. Cool, I've seen the speaking clock from the vid! :)

  8. I bought the X1-01 back when it was first released (June 17). I'm pretty
    impressed. I'm satisfied. :) Since buying it, I've only charged the
    phone twice. The battery life's looooong. Really good in performing
    (sms, calls, mp3 music and radio). I love the speaker's performance. It
    didn't matter to me whether it's not stereo. I've plugged in my Shure
    SE530 earphones and the sound was great! Comparable to my iPod's sound
    output (I'm using an 8GB microsdhc filled with 128kbps mp3 files), the
    music was loud and clear.
    My only complaint was that it can only
    support 100 songs in just 1 (favorite) playlist (but that's ok anyway).
    Above all, the dual-sim capability is the stand-out feature of this
    phone. I have my Smart sim in my X6-00 while my Sun and Globe numbers
    are housed in the X1-01 (perfect for Unli text and calls). A good buy

  9. This is just a repost. Never had any idea that you'll post a review on the X1-01. So you guys might raise eyebrows particularly about the part where I said I charged the phone just twice since buying it. :)

    Great phone indeed!

  10. yes! sobrang enjoy ko tong phone na to... i love it's capability of playing mp3 songs tas supportede hanggang 16GB for music playback hehehe tas naman... sinong may ayaw magkaroon ng dual sim-dual standby phone na from a reliable brand... diba?

  11. i bought it from a nokia store in alabang. it does not come with a free micro sd card.

  12. between china phone and Nokia's superior quality i'd choose nokia.


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