Indigo N1030 Netbook : Price - Php 9,590 Only! Intel Atom N470 Powered! Believe it!

This has got to be the most affordable PineTrail netbook out in the market today --

indigo n1030
Saw it at Compex the other day.

Powered by 1.83 GHz Intel Atom N470 processor and 1GB DDR2 memory, Indigo N1030 comes with 320GB hard drive, Intel GMA 3150 Graphics and 802.11 b/g/n Wifi connectivity support, and flaunts a 10.2-inch LED backlit display, 1.3 MegaPixel webcam, a Multi-Card Reader and 3 USB ports.

So how much does it cost? It goes for only Php 9,590 at all Compex outlets! It comes in four colors, namely Pink, Black, White, Red.

Yes, it's affordable but is new-player Indigo a reliable brand? Off hand, TP can't talk about the quality of this netbook's construction nor Indigo's after-sales service. We haven't got the chance to review a unit.

Are you an Indigo netbook owner? What can you say about your Indigo gadget?

I've always imagined netbooks will become this cheap eventually. But not this soon. Tech is moving forward real fast, undeniably.

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