Symbian Belle Android Like Feel Proves The Platform is Evolving!

Symbian is far from over.

This graphic recently released by Nokia, showing a few interface elements of Symbian Belle - the follow-up to Symbian Anna, proves that the platform is continuously evolving and catching up fast with what users are expecting it to be.

symbian belle android
Featuring a slide-down status bar similar to what's found in Android OS, Symbian Belle will come with a 'swipe'-centric interface just like MeeGo.

And that's just one of the many new features that will be introduced via Belle. I heard that its UI will even have transitions similar to those of iOS.

Kudos to the Symbian team for having enough fortitude to trudge forward in the face of challenges. If everything goes well, their dedication to improving the OS will be rewarded with a strong line-up of mid-range Nokia phones next year.


  1. i think  its pretty late for this one now. they should have done this earlier.

  2. @Exe tama ka jan... kasi kung kelan naging popular at powerful yung android, saka naman uneksena ang nokia... bilisan nalang ang pagdevelop at pag-improve sa Symbian Belle, Anna, MeeGo... hehehe andami namang platform yan

  3. while i admit that nokia is so late in developing their platform, i'm glad that they are trying to catch up. but of course they should hurry, i'm pretty sure there will be new upgrades on android and ios platforms as well.

  4. yeah.. actually.. just switched from nokia to android and still love nokia. In terms of telephony and stuff.. nokia is still the champ, but when it comes to interface and softwares it really is still old school. will try to switch back if meego booms.


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