Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the Philippines Based on Alexa Rank as of July 2011

Which websites do Filipinos visit most often these days?

TechPinas lists down the 10 most visited websites in the Philippines based on Alexa Ranking* as of July 2011.

Here they are, in reverse order:


most visited websites is a blog hosting site managed by the developers of WordPress software. It includes free custom design templates, integrated statistics among other blogging tools.


most visited websites is the only Pinoy-made website that made it to the list. It's the leading buy-and-sell and free classifieds site (by a mile) in the Philippines today.


most visited websites

Social networking, real-time search and microblogging website,, allows users to post 140-character status updates, share photos and send direct messages to each other instantly.


most visited websites

A school-boy's bestfriend, is a free online encyclopedia built collaboratively by internet users using Wiki software.


most visited websites

Google-owned offers free blog hosting and a useful set of online publishing tools.


most visited websites is a venue where you can show your videos to the world.


most visited websites

Yahoo is one of the leading internet portal and service providers offering search results, customizable content, and free e-mail, among others.


most visited websites

The local version of the most popular search engine in the world today.


most visited websites

Google enables users to search the world's information, including websites, blogs, images, and videos.


most visited websites is a social networking site that connects people, allowing them to keep up with friends via Wall posts and status updates, upload photos and videos, organize events and share links.

*Alexa rank is based on the amount of traffic a website receives from internet users who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers. As such, Alexa ranking tends to be skewed towards websites that get a lot of traffic from webmasters, bloggers, online marketers and other technical people. This nature of the Alexa ranking analysis makes its reliability rather debatable as some webmasters claim that people who have the Alexa toolbar installed are too little a sample to represent the entire online population. Nonetheless, Alexa rank is still used by a lot of internet marketers and potential advertisers as one of the main determinants of a website's value.

Why post this list now? TechPinas is interested to see how the rise of Google Plus, as Facebook's main competition, will affect the latter's ranking after a few months. We're treating this list as a benchmark for future rankings.

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