Why Companies Should ALWAYS Let Bloggers Review Their Products and Services

Based on results of a recent research by Nielsen on purchasing decisions of consumers who use the internet in South East Asia, online product reviews are the second most trusted source in purchase decision making -- second only to recommendations from family and friends, more trusted than even television.

Quoting Nielsen's press release on the inaugural Southeast Asia Digital Consumer Report,

One in three consumers in the Philippines are now accessing the Internet [...]

61 percent of Filipino Internet users said they trusted consumer opinions posted online, higher than any other market in Southeast Asia and seven points above the regional average. Further, online product reviews and discussion forums are one of the most trusted sources of recommendations in purchase decision making, second only to recommendations from family and friends.

influential bloggers

Amazingly, based on a graph shown in the PR, recommendations by influential bloggers are actually more trusted than social media sites when it comes to making purchase decisions. "Filipinos are increasingly looking to their fellow Internet users for opinions and information about products, services and brands," shares Jay Bautista, Managing Director of Nielsen's media business in the Philippines.

So I guess, if you have a business, it really makes a lot of sense to let bloggers review your products and services. But I believe the real goal should be to get actual influential bloggers to do it for you -- that's 8% on top of the 45% for the review alone.


  1. This is a self-serving topic that for partiality reasons should not be discussed by bloggers to their readers nor should it be posted for readers consumption.

  2. wow galing naman.. wish you more paid reviews to come :)

  3. I think doing product reviews specially on gadgets is really cool. And I do refer to blogs like this before I buy something. Are you a team in this? If you have room for new fish, please let me know! :) It'd be an awesome experience! :)

  4. Most of the bloggers actually have first hand experience on the gadgets that's why they can give firm and reliable reviews. 


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