Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Rocks Luzon : Pinoys on Twitter and Facebook Share Earthquake Experiences

At exactly 1:15 AM this morning, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake rocked some areas of Luzon rousing some Pinoys from their slumber, scaring some out of their hydraulic chairs.

Here's the initial report from Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) on the incident:

As understood by TP: The epicenter of the earthquake with magnitude 6.2 and tectonic origin is over sea; 13 Kilometers North West of Iba, Zambales. Reported intensities are Intensity IV for Clark, Pampanga, Quezon City and Manila, and Intensity III for Makati City and Pasig City.

UPDATE as of 12:08 PM, July 26, 2011 --

PHIVOLCS has slightly lowered the magnitude of the earthquake felt last night to 5.9 from 6.2:

earthquake luzon

Following the rather strong earthquake, Pinoys all over Luzon flocked to social networking sites to share their experiences. Check out some of the related Tweets:

TP Friends on Facebook likewise shared their stories. Michael Rivera Kien told us, "[I'm] from Pangasinan pa pero naramdaman ko talaga." Irene Magtubo followed up, "[Ako naman] from pampanga anlakas din ng lindol kanina dito. Kakatakot."

TP Thoughts:

I hope everyone's safe. Let's pray there won't be any aftershocks.

As regards social media, I think it's amazing that we can track the reach of the earthquake immediately based on Tweets or status updates on Facebook. I see that as one of the true benefits of real-time sharing -- information arrives instantly regardless of distance. Also, can you imagine if you did't have Twitter or Facebook and something like this happened while you're alone in your house? You'd probably think it's really a ghost playing tricks on you.

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