#smarthtc Twitter Trending Topic : It Rained HTC Phones Last Night!

Hashtag #smarthtc has been trending on Twitter for more than 12 hours now.

smart htc

Wondering what's it about?

Well, last night Smart Communications and HTC Philippines held a big event in Opus Bar Resorts World to announce their landmark partnership; Smart Communications is now the newest and biggest carrier of HTC phones in the Philippines.

As it turned out, it rained HTC smartphones that night -- with a lot of celebrities and personalities receiving a complimentary unit from the amazing allies, HTC and Smart.

Bianca King, for example, got an HTC Sensation --

smart htc

and Kris Lawrence got an HTC ChaCha --

smart htc

Good for them. As I often say, HTC makes great phones.


I actually received an invite from Smart the other day to attend the event:

smart htc

I confirmed my attendance but I wasn't able to go as I suddenly had to attend to a business function.

Hmm, I wonder if I would have likewise received a free HTC phone had I attended. Then again, I'm not a celebrity nor am I as famous as Kris Lawrence. :)

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  1. sayang.. baka po pag umattend ka may free htc phone ka :) i like talag ung htc desire... sana may magbigay skin ng libre


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