Mayor Duterte Punches Sheriff in the Face, Becomes Twitter Trending Topic

Yesterday morning, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte repeatedly punched the face of a Davao Regional Trial Court sheriff after the latter failed to heed the Mayor's request for a two-hour delay in the demolition of a depressed community in her jurisdiction, which led to a rather bloody confrontation between the demolition team and some residents.

mayor duterte

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Mayor Sara Duterte shared,

"I was asking him for 2 hours because we were already preparing for the demolition yesterday. I sat down with the people in the area and I asked our city housing to sit down with the owner of the property. Everything was supposed to go smooth sailing but what happened was I asked him to wait for me and give me 2 hours because I am still in the relief operations [following the devastating flood that swept Davao the other day] and he said he will not comply and proceed with the demolition. So when I arrived, the riot was starting already and one police was hurt already. Medyo mainit na talaga yung ulo ko, mam. [...]

They say they are going to file contempt charges. That is not a problem for me.

Here's a video of what happened:

Following a live TV airing of the incident, Mayor Duterte quickly became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter with a great number of Pinoy Tweeps sharing their opinion on what she did --

mayor duterte

A few related twits --

mayor duterte

mayor duterte

The reactions are obviously mixed. Some are praising her for what she did and some are slamming her, saying that punching someone is downright wrong and distasteful.

TP Thoughts:

If you've experienced being really really tired and angry at the same time for whatever reason even at just one point in your life, you'd probably understand what was going on in the mind of Mayor Duterte during that moment. I'd imagine that it's hard enough to be the Mayor of a city that's just recovering from a disastrous flood, and then you hear news about a bloody demolition, which happened simply because your request for a dialogue extension wasn't granted.

It's never right to hurt other people, TP Friends. No one - Mayor or not - has the right to punch another in the face. But I'm not sure I would have done better if I were in Mayor Duterte's shoes. Heck, I wouldn't want to be in her shoes -- more so, these days. Hence, I won't be the first one to throw a stone at her. Sometimes we experience things or things happen to us that cloud our ability to think on our toes or to take hold of our emotions;

I guess we all should just always keep it mind that Korean proverb --

"If you kick a stone in anger, you'll hurt your own foot."


  1. "...quickly became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter..."  - really?
    No, it's just in the Philippines I guess...

  2. Isidrorodriguez14July 2, 2011 at 1:59 AM

    a mayor with balls duterte for president by isidro rodriguez

  3. Nagworldwide trending topic po kayo, Mayor. Hindi lang po sa Philippines. The volume of twits was just too great.

  4. maaring may katwiran nga si mayor duterte but the mere question was that..TAMA b ung inasal nya? ganun b dapat ang asal ng mabuting mayor? kung ngagawa nya un sa harap ng publiko at kamera eh ano p kaya kung wala? sa tingin nyo b igagalang p ng publiko n kanyang nsasakupan ang mga otoridad? eh ano pa kung barangay tanod lng?para n rin nyang binastos ang sarili nyang pagkatao,nkakatakot isipin sisibol ang bagong version ng ampatuan sa davao.:(

  5. Super idol namin yan si mayor duterte. That guy deserve what he got. And if any of you guys never been to davao and dont know who the dutertes are, dont even bother commenting and criticizing coz you dont know shit. Shut it then make like a tree and die!

  6. You obviously havent gone to Davao... you dont know shit. we dabawenos love the Dutertes. unlike your mayor, they dont do shit for the poor and havent done anything for your city than corrupt. So unless you know anything about who your talking about, shut it. Davao is the most livable city in the Phils because of the Dutertes. Eat that you mr psychologist know-it-all.

  7. cguro ung mga taong nagtatama sa ipinakitang mali ni mayor duterte eh nasusuhulan at tuta ni mayor. i-commend natin kung tama,pero kung mali dapat itama. di mo pweding takpan ng maraming tama ang isang pagkakamali.

  8. di mo b naisip n bka sa susunod sa araw ang mga taong katulad mo na ang tinatapakan ni mayor duterte kapag wala n syang mahihita sayo?

  9. now i know na who the Dutertes are! they are uncivilized people, no manners

  10. you obviously dont know what you are talking. ayaw patakag istorya. bogo ka? Our mayor stood up for the poor people unlike the ampatuans which forcing to relate to her.  see you dont even know the story. narrow minded non davao trying hard to be psychologist. ayaw pag labot labot kung wala kay nahibalan sa situation. thats why. 

  11. ako bai taga-davao ako born and bred, believe me when i tell you, she's trying hard to keep up with her father's reputation. gimik lang na bai...the "flashflood" that affected a small number of baranggay's here, i put the blame on the local gov't., kulang kaayo sa city planning, tanawa ng dalan sa bangkal, wala gyud ug drainage mau to dali ni baha ang dalan, tapos kapila na ni sila gi-remind about sa flood control wala gyud sila ni action, karon pa dami ng patay

  12. but if i had to choose between inday sara and that egghead carlo nograles.. i'd take inday sara anyday,


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