Annabelle Rama Reactivates Twitter Account : Becomes Worldwide Trending Topic

Annabelle Rama takes over Twitter-verse!

Perhaps in a solo effort to save Pinoys on Twitter from utter boredom due to disinteresting non-happenings in recent days, legendary Filipina actress (and fiery mom of Ruffa, Richard and Raymond), Miss Annabelle Rama, reactivated her Twitter account (@annabellerama) last weekend.

Miss Annabelle has been on Twitter since May 29, 2010 but only posted her second Tweet last September 3, 2010.

Reports have reached TP that Miss Annabelle became a worldwide trending topic on the site just as soon as she posted her 'comeback' tweet; However, since (we weren't there to see the list for ourselves and) TweetStats is still upgrading its servers, we have no way of verifying this as of the moment.

In the meantime, we'll just have to take Ruffa's word for it.

But really, Miss Annabelle herself seems rather disinterested in this amazing feat:

And why not? She's accomplished so much more than just being a worldwide trending topic on a social networking site.

Mabuhay ka, Miss Annabelle!