HP Mini 210 with Intel Atom N550 Dual Core Chip, Announced : Price, Specs, Photos

A new HP Mini 210 netbook variant running on dual-core Intel Atom N550 was announced by HP last week -- and it appears that it's not gonna cost a lot more than the previous single-core Intel Atom N450 powered system.

hp mini 210 n550

Aside from running on a revamped innard (which also includes a still-removable battery now integrated into the bottom of the chassis), this HP Mini 210 refresh will also come in several new colors like Crimson Red and Ocean Drive Blue.

hp mini 210

Like the old system, however, new 210 retains chicklet-style keys, 10.1" screen with end-to-end gloss and metallic case.

HP Mini 210 with Intel Atom N550 will come in at roughly $400. This bad boy should be out now in the US. (Oh, and there's also a N450 version, which runs for only $329.99 -- but if you're gonna get that, then you might as well settle for the older version of the netbook, right?)

No word yet from HP Philippines. I guess they'll just release it here quietly in the coming months. We'll let you know as soon as we see one in store shelves.